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Glamorous Joke Concept


This is a way of getting friends together and creating with humor and lack of an end goal beside making and making ourselves laugh. Working together on something for nothing.  Learning. Content. Busy. Resources. Look around and use what’s available. Ask. Create a space for creation. Make what you want, work really hard on it, get people excited, and give it away. Take the joke to the last and final possible place until you are tired of it and have a new idea and work really hard on that. Who cares. What else is there? It doesn’t have to be something, but it is something. If you want it, you can have it. Do not worry and do not judge. Is not having a pitch the pitch? By Girls is a joke arts concept— it is a reminder that you don’t have to take yourself seriously, but to take yourself seriously because it’s all just as good and nobody else is doing it and everyone else is doing it — so, why not? Add it to the doc. Welcome to our platforms. We are dog positive.